America Inside Out with Katie Couric

America Inside Out with Katie Couric

Watch America Inside Out with Katie Couric series full episodes online streaming for free. Inspired by her own personal journey of making National Geographic’s critically acclaimed, groundbreaking documentary Gender Revolution (2017), Couric’s new series, America Inside Out with Katie Couric, will follow her as she travels the country to dozens of cities across North America — from Freemont, Nebraska, to Montgomery, Alabama. She sits down with the people shaping the most pivotal, evolving, contentious and often confusing topics in American culture today. She talks with hundreds of people to get an inside look at pressing social issues, including gender inequality, Muslims in America, political correctness, white working-class anxiety, the battle over Confederate monuments and statues and how technology is affecting our humanity. From interviewing founding members at the violent and terror-filled “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville to spending time with young, female Muslim entrepreneurs in Brooklyn to an in-depth look at America’s white working class, Couric enlists cultural icons and regular folks to help her look past the noise, politics and individual discomfort to understand the complicated truth about the complexities of religion, race, technology and cultural norms, while highlighting the humanity beneath the surface.
Premiere Date: April 11, 2018
Casts: Stars Katie Couric,
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Wednesday
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America Inside Out with Katie Couric - First Look | National Geographic

America Inside Out with Katie Couric - First Look | National Geographic


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