American Daredevils

American Daredevils

Watch American Daredevils series full episodes online streaming for free. From the dirt tracks of America’s heartland to the bright lights of the country’s biggest speedways, American Daredevils brings to life the stories of the men who proudly carry the torch lit by Evel Knievel. These daredevils travel the country performing live, death-defying acts without the luxuries of rehearsals or second chances. They launch themselves through the air in cars and motorcycles, light themselves on fire, jump off tall buildings and risk their lives in countless crash-and-burn stunts, all for the freedom of making a living while doing what they love. They are the last of the daredevil breed, and as their lives unfold, it becomes clear that the stunts are only part of their stories. Based in Arizona, Spanky Spangler has been a daredevil his entire working life; it’s all he knows. After surviving 22,000 stunts and setting a number of world records, he has earned the title of the greatest living daredevil. However, now he’s staring down the twilight of his career as his son Bryan, “Spanky Jr.,” is gearing up to take over the family business. Meanwhile, Texas daredevil Dr. Danger’s quest is a simple one: gain legitimacy as a professional daredevil and earn the acceptance of his peers. Dismissed for his duct tape and paperclip approach to stunts, Danger has a new plan that he believes will win him the fame and fortune that has eluded him for two decades. Not to be outdone, Washington’s Mr. Dizzy is setting out to bolster his world record-setting reputation by expanding his daredevil business into an empire.
Premiere Date: October 22, 2013
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Air Day: Tuesday
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