Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Watch Two Worlds series full episodes online streaming for free. After Kram loses his beloved Phupa, he decides to go to the Magical Moon Pond. The pond that has a legend that the dead can be resurrected.  There he fell into a pond and crossed over to a parallel world that was almost identical to his world. However, in that other world, Phupa is still alive! Kram wants to fix the past so that he can save Phupa's life in the other world. He had to be reluctant to ask for help from Thai, a mysterious, straight-faced man to save Phupa. In the end, Thai agreed to help him. But while they were together Kram's heart beat faster and faster with Thai!! In addition, Thai seems to have a heart for Kram as well! Will Kram save Phupa's life? And will he love Thai who is in a different world from him?
Premiere Date: March 21, 2024
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: MY
Air Day:
Related Tags: based on novel or book parallel universe boys' love (bl) two worlds

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[OFFICIAL TRAILER ] - Two Worlds โลกสองใบ ใจดวงเดียว

[OFFICIAL TRAILER ] - Two Worlds โลกสองใบ ใจดวงเดียว

[OFFICIAL TEASER ] - Two Worlds โลกสองใบ...ใจดวงเดียว

[OFFICIAL TEASER ] - Two Worlds โลกสองใบ...ใจดวงเดียว

Official Pilot | Twoworlds โลกสองใบ ใจดวงเดียว

Official Pilot | Twoworlds โลกสองใบ ใจดวงเดียว


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